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Google Finalizes Deal for Books Initiative
Original Posting: 29 October 2008        Last Edit: 29 October 2008

While most genealogists are interested in the older books often available as 'public domain' and not subject to copyright restrictions . . . there are occasionally situations where current books may be of interest. Since the Google Books service was first launched, authors and publishers of current works have been concerned about the aggressive plans to digitize and post their works online. It was reportd earlier today that Google had reached a deal in a long-standing lawsuit with authors and publishers. The deal outlines terms whereby books could be shared online with revenue on sales and advertising being shared between Google and publishers and authors.

We'll keep our eye on this . . . but expect it will be a positive solution. In the mean time, keep searching the Google Books archive for information on your ancestors and the towns, villages and regions where they lived.

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