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Google Your Family Tree in Australia & New Zealand

Buy in Australia & New ZealandGoogle Your Family Tree is available for shipment within Australasia through our partnership with Gould Genealogy & History.

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Produced Locally for Australia & New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand — 17 January 2009 — In connection with the 12th Australasian Congress on Genealogy & Heraldry being hosted in Auckland, New Zealand by the Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations, author Dan Lynch is pleased to announce a partnership with Gould Genealogy who will produce and distribute his new reference book, Google Your Family Tree, for the Australasian market.

"I'm extremely pleased with the reception my book has received and was a bit surprised to see so many International orders during our first two months of shipments," said Dan Lynch, author of Google Your Family Tree and founder of Mattatuck Consulting. "During our first month, we had orders from customers in all 50 states, every Canadian province, and more than a dozen countries — Australia and New Zealand were our most frequent shipping destinations outside North America." In October 2008, Lynch responded to an email inquiry from Australia following a radio interview on a popular genealogy talkshow which was also broadcast live via the Internet. That inquiry was from Alan Phillips, founder of Gould Genealogy and History, the leading supplier of genealogy products to the Australian market.

"While listening to the broadcast, I immediately recognised the potential of this new book and sent an inquiry through the website. I received a call later that same day from Dan and he shared an electronic preview copy of the book with me. After reviewing the text, I knew this book would do well in our market!" noted Alan Phillips. While the book was still in the final stages of being launched for the North American market, Lynch and Phillips continued to discuss the feasibility of a local market version. Luckily, the fundamentals of using Google are the same in every geographic market, as are the basic elements of genealogy research.

In addition to offering a printed book, Lynch and Phillips plan to release a companion CD, as well as a series of Quick Reference Cards that have also been well received in the United States. Details will be made available in the coming weeks and the Australian Edition of the book is expected to ship in late March 2009.

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