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Are You Using the Full Power of Google?

Unlock the Hidden Power of Google for Your Genealogy Research!
Google is the most powerful tool available worldwide for online research! With over 20 billion pages in Google's index of the Web, it's likely that some of them contain clues about your ancestors. Finding these pages, however, requires an understanding of filtering and other techniques that have never been explained to many computer users — until now! This book shows you how to tap the full potential of the Internet's most powerful free online service!

Google Your Family Tree Book Simple Tips & Techniques
— Powerful Proven Results!

Google Your Family Tree BookBegin finding dozens of highly relevant results vs. millions of unrelated listings

Google Your Family Tree BookLearn to quickly read and interpret the information-packed search results pages

Google Your Family Tree BookDiscover the usefullness of Google Books, News Archive, Language Tools & more...

Google Your Family Tree BookSave important queries so Google can search every night while you sleep!

Best Selling Genealogy Book — Google Your Family Tree

"Dan Lynch has written an excellent new book called Google Your Family Tree. I have now had a chance to read it twice and must say that I am even more impressed with the second reading than I was with the first . . . I thought I was a Google expert, fully familiar with the search engine's operation. However, I learned a number of new tricks by reading Dan Lynch's book. I bet you will also. If you want to conduct more effective searches on Google, be it about genealogy or nearly any other topic, reading Google Your Family Tree will increase your expertise."
     — Dick Eastman, Editor, Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

Google Your Family TreeOrder Your Copy Today!

Google Your Family TreeView Detailed Summary & Sample Page Layouts

The contents of this new book will help you understand and use dozens of specialized commands to dramatically improve your search skills. Many of these commands seem custom built to help with our pursuit of our family heritage. The great news is that most are easy to master and perfectly suited for finding people, places, and events. A special command even lets you narrow results by date range to filter results more quickly.

Lynch, Daniel M.
Google Your Family Tree : Unlock the Hidden Power of Google
Daniel M. Lynch — 1st Edition — Provo, UT :, Inc.
Copyright © 2008 by Daniel M. Lynch

ISBN: 978-0-9820737-1-1
$34.95 USD / $42.95 CDN / 22.95 GBP

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Dick Eastman interviews Dan Lynch for
Roots Television (April 2009)

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Google Your Family Tree and Dan Lynch
were featured recently on the popular
CBS daytime news show with hosts
Scot Haney and Kara Sundlun.

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