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Google Tips Blog for Genealogy & Family History

The Google Your Family Tree book serves as your foundation for developing skills to conduct online genealogy research. As you become more familiar with the use of various Google commands, syntax, and services, you will have a more complete appreciation for the comments and tips posted within this section of our site. If you have a special Google tip of your own not discussed in the book or on this site, please share your tip with us for possible future publication (giving credit to you, of course)!

Google Tips for Genealogy & Family History

LIFE Photo Archive Now on Google Images
Original Posting: 26 November 2008        Last Edit: 26 November 2008

Well . . . Iím not surprised, but am certainly pleasantly pleased to see the latest new service available FREE from Google. As Iíve said many times before, it seems like they just love creating things for genealogists - - but iím sure they had other users in mind too when they launched this new collection. After all, there are many others who appreciate old photos besides genealogists.

The Google Images index now has a complete collection of keyword searchable photographs from the well-known LIFE Magazine photo archive. Some of these images are very well known, but many others have not been published before. From the Google home page, simply click on the Images link in the upper left corner of your screen . . . and youíll notice a link and several thumbnail images for different sub-topics within the archive.

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Google Tips for Genealogy & Family History

Google Market Share Continues to Climb
Original Posting: 25 November 2008        Last Edit: 25 November 2008

Google has inched forward yet again as the most popular search provider in the United States. The Nielsen Online statistics show that Google now represents 61.2% share of the U.S. search market - more than triple the closest competitor.

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Google Tips for Genealogy & Family History

New Google SearchWiki Provides Custom Results
Original Posting: 20 November 2008        Last Edit: 18 January 2009

I think my Second Edition of Google Your Family Tree will have to be at least 700 pages because every time I do a search, I notice yet another new feature of Google that genealogists will love (including me)! There are plenty of reasons that you may have chosen up to this point to have a Google Account, but if you haven't then this may finally be the feature that puts you over the edge. The new SearchWiki announced and launched today by Google is a clever way to provide each user with customized search results. As genealogists, we often conduct similar searches based on the surname or place name we are researching. Even with careful filtering, there are probably sites that you see in your search results often, but know from past experience they are not of interest for one reason or another. Well — now you can do something about it once and for all!

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Google Tips for Genealogy & Family History

Searching Well Outside the BOX
Original Posting: 15 November 2008        Last Edit: 15 November 2008

Earlier today, I did a presentation to a great group in Bethpage, New York. For starters - when it's cold and rainy and the room is STILL PACKED with attendees, that's when I know they really enjoy genealogy. The group was the Irish Family History Forum and, so, my many examples of "Patrick Lynch" and "Eugene Lynch" made everyone feel right at home. BUT . . . I did encourage everyone to let me know if they had any particularly difficult SURNAME challenges and, sure enough, someone approached me with a very good one.

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Google Tips for Genealogy & Family History

Google Finalizes Deal for Books Initiative
Original Posting: 29 October 2008        Last Edit: 29 October 2008

While most genealogists are interested in the older books often available as 'public domain' and not subject to copyright restrictions . . . there are occasionally situations where current books may be of interest. Since the Google Books service was first launched, authors and publishers of current works have been concerned about the aggressive plans to digitize and post their works online. It was reportd earlier today that Google had reached a deal in a long-standing lawsuit with authors and publishers. The deal outlines terms whereby books could be shared online with revenue on sales and advertising being shared between Google and publishers and authors.

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Google Tips for Genealogy & Family History

Searching for George Herman Ruth
Original Posting: 26 October 2008        Last Edit: 26 October 2008

I recently presented at the Bridgeport Public Library (Bridgeport CT) and one of the attendees (who later admitted he wasn't a genealogist, but had acompanied his brother to the presentation) asked a great question that enabled me to more fully explain an advanced Google Web search. So, for the benefit of all readers, here we go . . . . the question - "If I'm doing research on Babe Ruth, how can I be sure to also get pages that might mention his real name - George Herman Ruth?" Little did this attendee realize how great his question was, because it helps me illustrate several aspects of Google that are perfect for genealogists.

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Google Tips for Genealogy & Family History

KSL Radio Interview Announces New Genealogy Book
Original Posting: 06 October 2008        Last Edit: 06 October 2008

Well — I guess it's official now . . . when you do a radio show with 11 million listeners, it's hard to keep a secret. We're getting ready for our official launch later this month, but had a request to share news of Google Your Family Tree with Mary Slawson, host of KSL Radio's 'Relatively Speaking' genealogy radio show. The live interview was set for an hour last night (Sunday, 05 October 2008) and was a really fun way to kick things off. As of this writing, the book itself is heading to the printers and we expect to have copies in the warehouse and ready to ship by the end of October (or very early November at the latest). In the weeks to come, we'll be completing work on this site and will publish more examples to demonstrate the power offered by the Google Search Engine for family history enthusiasts.

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Google Tips for Genealogy & Family History

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